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David Bird (Partner)

David Bird

Criminal Defence, Road Traffic Offences

David Bird has practised as a criminal Defence solicitor in Weston-super-Mare for over 25 years. He is rightly regarded as being one of the best Defence lawyers currently practising in the town.

A detailed knowledge of the law and procedure coupled with a robust and fearless cross examination technique makes David Bird a feared and yet highly respected adversary.

David has through his experience and expertise earned the right to represent clients in all of the Criminal Courts in the land up to and including the House of Lords. He is a member of various Court and other committees where his input helps to formulate policy and ensures that defendants' positions are properly protected.

Road traffic law, an increasingly complex area, is a particular speciality. David has successfully defended drivers accused of drink driving, speeding, careless driving and the myriad of other motoring offences all road users face today. Many people owe their licences to the fact that they engaged David Bird to defend them.

David is always happy to give free initial advice over the telephone should clients wish - simply call 01934 414 161 for impartial friendly advice and assistance.

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