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Selling Residential Property

Berry Redmond Gordon & Penney's experience and knowledge of selling property ensure that we can provide you with a professional and comprehensive service that will give you peace of mind.

When acting in respect of a sale, Berry Redmond Gordon & Penney will carry out the following:

  1. Obtain your title deeds and documents. A production fee will be charged to your lender once the deeds have been despatched.
  2. Check that you have good title to the property and then prepare and despatch to the buyer's solicitors a contract based on the title deeds.
  3. Deal with any enquiries raised by the buyer's solicitors in respect of any practical and legal matters relating to the property.
  4. Exchange contracts for sale on your behalf. The exchange will only take place following specific instructions from you following the signing of the contract. The completion date (which is inserted in the contract and is the date on which you must vacate the property) will be agreed by you and the buyer before actual exchange of contracts, which is the point at which both parties are legally committed to the transaction.
  5. Approve on your behalf, the transfer of title which you will be required to sign. We will also deal with any requisitions that the buyer's solicitors may have relating to the title to the property.
  6. Obtain redemption figures from your bank, building society or other loan source and repay the loan to your lender on completion.
  7. Complete the sale, pay the estate agents (if applicable) and prepare a detailed set of accounts for you, forwarding you the net sale proceeds.
  • Our charges

    When selling a property, charges include:

    • Estate Agent fees
    • Legal fees
    • Telegraphic Transfer charges
    • Office Copy Entries
    • Other Disbursements

    Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) - from £50 plus VAT.

    To contact us about getting an EPC ring on one of the following telephone numbers for details:

    Estate Agent fees: Approximately 1% of the sale value. These fees may be negotiable depending on the competitive nature of the market. It will be higher if more than one estate agent is involved.

    Legal Fees: From 0.3% to 0.15% of the selling price of the property, depending on the value of the property. We will inform you of the likely cost in our engagement letter.

    Telegraphic Transfer charges

    We charge £25.00 plus VAT for telegraphic transfer of funds earmarked to release a subsisting mortgage.

    Office Copy Entries, £8.00 on a freehold property where title is required: £16 if leasehold. £20 for a copy lease.

    Other Disbursements which will be incurred but not subject to VAT: Where the title is leasehold, fees for obtaining information from the landlord / management company varies from property to property and is dependent on who is responsible for managing the property. If the property is leasehold, please budget for additional costs charged by the Management Company.