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Probate / Administrating Estates

Berry Redmond Gordon & Penney recognise that on a person's death the winding up of their affairs are dealt with quickly and tactfully.

The task of dealing with the affairs of a relative or friend who has died can seem daunting. Our experienced team of lawyers pride themselves on providing sound advice in a caring and sensitive manner ensuring that the estate is administered efficiently and that you are kept fully informed of progress at regular intervals.

Winding up an estate consists of:

  • Ascertaining the extent and value of the assets
  • Dealing with tax issues
  • Obtaining the correct grant which may be a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration (depending upon whether there is a Will)
  • Collecting in assets and paying the debts Distributing the estate in accordance with the Will or under the Intestacy Rules
  • Setting up a trust when stipulated under the provisions of a Will or Intestacy

With professionalism and empathy, Berry Redmond Gordon & Penney can deal with probate, freeing you from the added stress and complication of the legal procedure during a trying time.

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  • Our charges

    Our charges will be calculated mainly by reference to the time spent on the particular case. This includes advising and attending on clients and others, dealing with papers, correspondence, telephone calls, travelling and waiting time. Such time spent is recorded and charged at the hourly rate of the person dealing with the case.

    If any action requires a high degree of urgency or becomes particularly complicated, a higher charge may be merited. Where ever possible the client is notified of this in advance.

    In addition to the hourly rate Berry Redmond Gordon & Penney charge 1% of the value of the estate. This is because the value is a reflection of the importance of the matter and consequently the responsibility on the firm.

    The hourly rate is influenced by the following:

    • The particular expertise and experience of the person dealing with the case
    • The complexity of the transaction
    • Whether the matter requires unusually urgent and swift action
    • The time spent on the matter

    We always give an estimate of the likely costs at the beginning of the matter, with regular updates as the matter progresses, so that you can always be certain of the costs involved in your particular case at any given time.