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Client Guide to the Conveyancing Process

Estate agent holding a house on a silver platter


Seller's Conveyancers Buyer's Conveyancers
Written instructions to act from client together with ID documentation and money on account. Written instructions to act from client together with ID documentation and money on account.
Client returns completed Client Information Form together with Property Information Forms and Fittings and Contents Form. Client returns Client Information Form.
Title Information Documents obtained from Land Registry (or original title deeds obtained if title is unregistered).
Mortgage redemption statement requested for information purposes and sent to client for confirmation (if applicable).
Contract and Title Pack Prepared and sent to Buyer’s Conveyancers. Contract and Title Pack received from Seller’s Conveyancers.
Searches applied for.
Copy of title and property information forms sent to client for information.
Searches results received and reviewed.
Pre-Contract Enquiries received from Buyer’s conveyancers, reviewed and referred to client as appropriate. Contract and Title Pack reviewed together with search results and Pre-Contract Enquiries raised with Seller’s Conveyancers.
Mortgage offer received (if applicable), reviewed and any issues reported to lender.
Replies to Pre-Contract Enquiries provided to Buyer’s solicitors and any subsequent enquiries dealt with. Replies to Enquiries received from Seller’s conveyancers and reviewed, further enquiries raised if necessary.
Contract and Transfer Deed sent to client for signature and return in readiness Final Purchase Report prepared and sent to client. Contract and mortgage and other documents signed in readiness. Client pays any deposit and balance funds required.
Completion date agreed by all parties in the chain. Completion date agreed by all parties in the chain.

Buyer and seller handshake in front of a contract


Contracts are exchanged between Seller’s and Buyer’s Conveyancers in the chain and all parties then legally committed and bound to the completion date fixed in the contract.

Seller's Conveyancers Buyer's Conveyancers
Final Mortgage Redemption Statement and Selling Agents Commission Account requested. Mortgage Advance requested. Completion accounts prepared (if not already produced at pre-exchange stage). Any balance required to complete paid by client (if not already paid pre-exchange).
Final pre-completion searches undertaken and checked.
Completion accounts prepared in readiness for completion. Mortgage monies and client balance received in readiness for completion.

Seller giving house and key, buyer giving money


Legal Completion takes place when purchase monies are received by Seller’s conveyancers. All parties move into their new property and legal title to the property is formally transferred.

Seller's Conveyancers Buyer's Conveyancers
Completion monies received from Buyer’s Conveyancers and keys released. Any mortgage is repaid. Balance due is paid to clients. Completion monies sent to Seller’s Conveyancers. Receipt and key release confirmed by Seller’s conveyancers and client advised.
Transfer Deed dated and sent to Buyer’s Conveyancers. Signed and dated Transfer Deed received from Seller’s Conveyancers.

Removals van surrounded by boxes


Seller's Conveyancers Buyer's Conveyancers
Application for Registration submitted to Land Registry.
Registration completed by Land Registry and updated Title Information Document received from Land Registry and sent to client and lender.